July 2011

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Ebb & Flow solo exhibition at Hastings Arts Forum

4 – 16 August 2011  11am – 5pm

Ebb & Flow is my first solo exhibition at Hastings Arts Forum… right on the seafront in St Leonards.  I will be showing a series of painting and prints inspired by the ocean and life in Hastings, from the frothy sea’s edge to the distant horizon. The nearest wave as it crashes or simply washes on the shore is an endless fascination as colour and form exist for a unique moment.

The exhibition includes tiny watercolour paintings and boundless life-size waves, as well as prints and cards







Rarities Magnet project

I am one of the featured artists in this magnet project organised by Alban Low and Sineid Codd Some great images on the website already http://rarities2011.blogspot.com/

If you’d like to come along to St Leonards and Hastings to see what it’s all about and pick up some contemporary art for FREE then we’ll be at the Pier gates from 4pm onwards, 27th August. The magnets get picked up quickly by hungry collectors so don’t be late.



Here’s a sneak view of one of my rarities…  an oyster flower